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Search Orders

Restaurant admins and employees can use the 'Search Orders' tool to search orders, reservations, and receipts in the system. To access the Search Orders page, click on the restaurant's menu and select Search Orders.

Search Options

The Search Orders page provides the following search options.

  • Order #
  • Reservation #
  • Receipt #
  • Date
  • Date Type (Reservation Date, Purchase Date)
  • Restaurant
  • Email Address
  • Phone #
  • Show (All, Only Active, Only Cancellations)
  • Table Name or #
  • Last Name

    Search Results

    The search results provides a list of records that matched the search criteria. Columns include the following.

  • Order #
  • Restaurant (Name)
  • Name (Customer)
  • Email (Customer)
  • Phone # (Customer)
  • Sale Type (Table, Store Items)
  • Purchase # (Reservation, Receipt)
  • Name / # (Name or number of the table)
  • Date
  • Quantity (# of Duration for Tables, # of Items for Receipts)
  • Total (Order Total for the Purchase)

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