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Creating a New Restaurant

To add a new restaurant, click on the 'New Restaurant' option from the Restaurants menu at the top of the page.

This will bring you to a screen where you can enter information about your restaurant. Please note that some fields are required such as Restaurant Name, Address 1, City, Office Phone Number, Email Address, and your preferred currency. Most of the information you enter on this screen, except currency, will be visible to customers that visit your page.

Once you click submit, your restaurant information will be entered and you will be taken to a screen where you can fill in additional details about your restaurant. On this screen, you can enter information such as your website, restaurant description, driving directions, general policies, store policies, and latitude and longitude of your restaurant location.

Now that your restaurant information is all set, you will want to add a table group so that you can add tables.

Viewing a Restaurant Page

Once a restaurant profile has been setup, customers can start viewing the page and information. Customers can find the page by searching for restaurants at Restaurant pages have the following sections:

  • Restaurant Information
  • Reservations
  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Documents & Files
  • Photos
  • Store Items
  • Table Groups

    Restaurant Information

    The restaurant information section shows information such as address, contact information, a description of the restaurant, and general policies.


    The reservation section shows reservation policies and an option to search for tables to reserve. Select a date, duration, and click Search.


    The location section will show a Google Map of the restaurant's location if geo coordinates have been entered on the restaurant information page. This section will also show driving directions to the restaurant if they have been entered.


    The amenities section shows a list of amenities available at the restaurant.

    Documents & Files

    The documents & files section displays a list of available documents and files for the restaurant. This can include anything like brochures and maps.


    The photos section shows available photos of the restaurant. Restaurant admins can upload and manage photos from here.

    Store Items

    The store items section shows a list of available store items that customers can add to their shopping cart and purchase.

    Table Groups

    The table groups section shows a list of all available tables at the restaurant.

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